Historical Social Research Vol. 37 (2012) No. 4: Towards Web History

The process of digitization represents a twofold challenge both for historiography in general and, in particular, for historical communication research. Digitization has deeply changed research practice as well as the inter-disciplinary communication and is likely to do so in future. The contributions of this HSR Focus address a twofold conceptual challenge. In a first part, problems and chances of a contemporary history of digital media are discussed. In the second part the authors leave the level of conceptual considerations and turn towards the already established practice of digitization and the supply of sources in the net.


Focus II: Towards Web History
  • Christoph Classen, Susanne Kinnebrock & Maria Löblich: Towards Web History: Sources, Methods, and Challenges in the Digital Age. An Introduction. [Abstract]
  • Niels Brügger: When the Present Web is Later the Past: Web Historiography, DigitalHistory, and Internet Studies. [Abstract]
  • Christian Schwarzenegger:Exploring Digital Yesterdays – Reflections on New Media and the Future of Communication History. [Abstract]
  • Christian Oggolder:  Inside – Outside. Web History and the Ambivalent Relationship between Old and New Media. [Abstract]
  • Albrecht Hoppe & Rudolf Stöber: Amtspresse in Preußen. Zur Erschließung der Provinzial-Correspondenz und Neuesten Mittheilungen. [Abstract]
  • Patrick Rössler, Achim Bonte & Katja Leiskau: Digitization of Popular Print Media as a Source for Studies on Visual Communication: Illustrated Magazines of the Weimar Republic. [Abstract]




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