American Society for Information Science and Technologyの隔月刊行の情報誌“Bulletin of American Society for Information Science and Technology”の最新刊(2012年4-5月号/vol.38, No.4)がデジタルヒューマニティーズの特集を組んでいる。

Digital Humanities and Information Visualization:  Innovations and Integration

by Joan Beaudoin and Sarah Buchanan, Guest Editors
PDF (Size: 116k)

The Dynamics of Primary Source and Electronic Resource:  The Digital Renaissance and the Post-Reformation Digital Library
by Jordan J. Ballor
PDF (Size: 179k)

A Brief Introduction to Data Mining Projects in the Humanities
by Jonathan Hagood
PDF (Size: 234k)

Pale Males 2.0:  Revisiting a Traditional American Studies Project Using Digital Humanities Tools
by Stephanie Margolin
PDF (Size: 209k)

When Computers Read:  Literary Analysis and Digital Technology
by Sarah Jones
PDF (Size: 227k)

Visualizing Social Connections in the Humanities:  Beyond Bibliometrics
by Chris Alen Sula
PDF (Size: 224k)

Interactive Visualization for Multilingual Search
by Stan Ruecker, Ali Shiri and Carlos Fiorentino
PDF (Size: 720k) 

From Records to Data with Viewshare: An Argument, An Interface, A Design
by Jefferson Bailey and Trevor Owens
PDF (Size: 480k) 

Beyond the Score:  Music Visualization and Digital Humanities
by Margaret Lam

PDF (Size: 204k) 




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